Goddess Circle Kit (up to 10 people) + Film & Guidebook

Goddess Circle Kit (up to 10 people) + Film & Guidebook

Gather your Goddesses!
This license grants the bearer 1 screening of the film for a small group of up to 10 people.

The Goddess Circle Kit includes:
- A digital download of "The Goddess Project" documentary (1hr 41min.) -
- The eBook version of "Gather Like A Goddess: An Illustrated Guide to Starting A Women's Circle"
- Social Media & Marketing Materials to Promote your Event
- Customizable Posters & Invitations

This kit has everything you need to know to host an amazing goddess circle!

Screening License Agreement
Please read the following carefully: This License Agreement is for one screening of The Goddess Project unless more than one license is purchased. Any other use/showing of the selected Film, without the prior express written consent of The Goddess Project, LLC, and the payment of the then-applicable License Fee is strictly prohibited. Licensee is granted with no rights to the ownership of the copyrighted materials contained in the promotional materials, Downloadable Link, DVD or Blu-Ray of the selected Film. The license granted herein is non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable or transferable, and Licensee is granted with no rights to modify or use any of the materials contained in the Film’s copyrighted materials or any trademarks or other intellectual property rights with respect to the selected Film, except as specifically set forth in this License Agreement. Licensee is not authorized to reproduce the copyrighted work or any intellectual property rights in and to the trademarks of the Film in any manner nor to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work. Licensee acknowledges that the DVD or Digital Download provided according to this Public Screening License is for screening purposes only and agrees not to resell, duplicate, or make otherwise available this material. LICENSEE WILL TAKE ALL NECESSARY STEPS TO PREVENT THE UNAUTHORIZED RECORDING AND/OR TAPING OF THE FILM BY ADMITTEES TO THE SCREENING CONDUCTED BY LICENSEE AND WILL IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY THE GODDESS PROJECT OF ANY UNAUTHORIZED USE OF THE FILM BY THIRD PARTIES. Licensee will not knowingly–nor will it encourage or assist a third party to–challenge the validity or ownership of any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right of The Goddess Project, LLC or any of its affiliates. In addition, Licensee will not utilize the trademarks or copyrighted materials of The Goddess Project, LLC or its affiliates, in any manner that would diminish its value or harm the reputation of The Goddess Project, LLC. A license must be purchased prior to promoting or selling tickets to an screening event. Notwithstanding anything herein, The Goddess Project has the right to revoke the license granted hereunder at any time in the event Licensee breaches any of the foregoing provisions. All sales are final. By purchasing this license, you agree to these Screening License Agreement Terms and Conditions.

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Goddess Circle Kit (up to 10 people) + Film & Guidebook

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